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Italian passion and imperialistic style. The pearls and secrets of Baroque. Grace, beauty and elegance combined with a touch of old Hollywood. The international singer, Alessandro Cipriano, charms his audience with the magic of his voice. His unique style lets the old times of glamorous Hollywood come alive again and touches the audience to tears with unforgettable, beautiful musical moments.

With crystal clear voice he sings in more than five languages and communicates through his heart and his eyes. Alessandro has a wide repertoire and sings, Mozart, Tosti, Schubert, Crossover etc. with absolute passion, yes even Viennese songs and operettas. All performed with real emotions that touch his audience deeply.

Unique and incomparable Alessandro Cipriano presents himself with an imperialistic style that is transferred into nowadays times, but one also finds elements of the period of czars, Venetian and Viennese Baroque elements.

Colorful velvet suits, thrilled shirts, a cape made of velvet and laced with fur, Russian fur cap and many other costume accessories are underlining the style of Alessandro Cipriano, but most important his repertoire and his style of singing, differ him without doubt from other Singers in the Classic-Pop Genre in our present time.

He is a singer that succeeds in charming his fans and audience in a full package of real emotions. The concept idea comes from Alessandro and it was built up together with Wagner Managements International.





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